What You Should Know About Adult-Onset Allergies


Allergies are the body’s reaction to ordinarily harmless substances in the environment. The most common allergens include milk, nuts, and seafood. Providers of Medical Care Services in Texas can help determine your allergens and advise you on preventing severe allergic reactions. This is especially important for seniors as there are late-onset allergies, otherwise known as adult-onset allergies.

Adult-onset allergies are very unpredictable. Individuals can be immune to various substances in their early years without having an allergic reaction and suddenly develop allergic symptoms to a specific allergen. Here are some details you should know about adult-onset allergy from your reliable Telemedicine Services provider in Texas.

  • Factors increasing the risk of adult-onset allergies include family history, antibiotics overuse, stress, relocation and sudden exposure to allergens, and weakened immune system. You can consult our Home Visiting Physicians to find out if you’re a risk of developing allergies.
  • Some of the common adult allergies include pet allergies and food allergies. Seasonal allergies are common, as well. You can easily develop an allergy to pollens, pet dander, nuts, and seafood.
  • Watch out for signs and symptoms of adult-onset allergies. They usually include itchiness, watery eyes, runny nose, hives, cramps, and swelling.
  • There are cases where the allergy fades away and doesn’t complicate the health of the patient. Patients may notice some childhood allergies fade away over the years.
  • Apart from taking allergy medications and avoiding allergens, you can utilize Telemedicine in Grand Prairie, Texas, to acquire help manage your allergies and prevent severe reactions like anaphylaxis.

Remember that this type of allergy occurs when you least expect them. It’s best to be prepared. Get an allergy test at Alice Place Medical Care Services to manage your health better.

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