How Telemedicine Has Benefitted Chronic Care Management


The current pandemic has dramatically changed the landscape of healthcare. Health systems, as we know them, struggle to balance concerns about the spread of COVID-19 with the continuing increase in the number of chronic care patients. It is in these circumstances that telemedicine in Grand Prairie, Texas steps up to the challenge of coordinating healthcare and ensuring the continuity of care plans.

As experts project the number of chronic care patients to rise to 157 million, Alice Place Medical Care Services extends a lifeline by personalizing healthcare for millions of Texans. With the latest industry standards and utilizing modern health conferencing tools, our telemedicine services offer chronic care patients the following benefits:

  • Improving access to specialized care

    Lack of access to care facilities due to location is a common problem for some chronic care patients. This can affect their care plan outcomes as some conditions, like heart disease and diabetes, require regular assistance to manage comorbidities. With telehealth, patients can easily correspond with home visiting physicians who can provide the interventions they need for continued wellness.

  • Reducing the risk of hospital readmissions

    Readmission is a common result of negative patient care outcomes, incurring high healthcare costs and putting patients in worse conditions. Telehealth makes monitoring and education much easier, allowing care providers to work closely with patients in medication adherence, symptom monitoring, and compliance with lifestyle adjustments.

  • Enabling real-time pain and symptom management

    Chronic conditions can vary in severity over time. The key to ensuring that new symptoms or changes in pain perception do not result in worse outcomes for patients is immediate intervention. Telehealth makes triaging changes in patient conditions much easier to prevent such dire circumstances for chronic care patients.

Accessing much-needed medical care services in Texas is much easier with our telehealth solutions. Call now to learn more!

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