Tips on Resisting Tobacco Cravings

Tips on Resisting Tobacco Cravings

Tobacco cravings can be very powerful, but you’re not at the mercy of this temptation. Many can support you through the process, even a provider of telemedicine in Grand Prairie, Texas. When the craving strikes, here are ways you can resist:

  • Try nicotine replacement
    Ask your home visiting physicians which options suit you, whether prescription nicotine, over-the-counter nicotine patches, or prescription non-nicotine stop-smoking medications.
  • Avoid triggers
    Where you smoked or chewed tobacco most often, tobacco urges are at their strongest. Make sure you identify your trigger situations.
  • Delay
    If you feel like you’re giving in to the craving, wait for ten more minutes. Do other things that will distract you from the thought. Medical care services in Texas suggest giving your mouth something to fight the craving, like chewing on hard candy or sugarless gum.
  • Be aware of “just one”
    Most of the time, thinking you’re just going to satisfy the craving for “just one,” you end up with more. Be aware that “just one” giving in will always lead to another.
  • Practice relaxation techniques
    If smoking was your way of dealing with stress, practice healthy relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep-breathing exercises, visualization, massage, and more.

Let a provider of telemedicine services, Alice Place Medical Care Services, help guide you through this.

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